Zip Replacement or Repair

We can repair, replace and change a zip on almost any item.

  • Jacket Zip Repair
  • Replacment of zip on Trousers
  • Jeans zip repair
  • Zips on Dresses changed
  • Concealed zips and Invisible zips
  • Zips on bags replace
  • Leather Jacket zip repair
  • Bikers Leathers Zips
  • Anoraks and Coats Zips
  • Skirt Zips
Zip repair and replacement

Repairing or replacing a Zip?

A zip doesn’t always need to be replaced.A zip can sometimes be fixed instead to reduce the cost of a repair. (This is not the case with every garment and more often applies to anoraks, coats and handbags.

Enquire about Zip Repair or Replacement