Tailoring and Alteration Prices

If you are looking for Tailoring and Alteration in Worcester or anywhere for that matter, we are sure that you will find our prices competitive.  Every Tailoring and alteration job is unique but we have provided the following price list as a guide.  These prices apply to the vast majority or tailoring and alteration jobs that we undertake.  If you have any questions we welcome you to contact us on 01905 729435 or 07837 500066


Shorten Plain from £9.99
Shorten with Tape from £11.99
Lengthen from £9.99
Shorten with Turn Up from £13.99
Waist In / Out from £11.99
Taper Leg from £14.99
New 1/2 Pocket from £7.99


Shorten Plain from £9.99
Shorten Original from £11.99
Taper Leg from £14.99
Waist In / Out from £12.99
Patch from £6.99
Button from £4.99

Top & shirts

Shorten from £9.99
Shorten Sleeves from £9.99
Take in Sides from £11.99


Trousers & Jeans from £11.99
Skirts & Dresses from £11.99
Invisible Zip from £13.99
Anoraks & Jackets from £17.99
Hand Bag from £14.99
Repair Zip from £9.99

Skirts & Dresses

Shorten Length from £11.99
Take in Sides from £12.99
Shorten Strap from £9.99

Leathers & Suedes

Shorten Jackets from £34.99
Shorten Sleeves from £24.99
Take in Sides from £29.99
Shorten Trousers and Skirts from £17.99

Curtains & Cushions

Net Curtains from £9.99
Shorten Plain Curtains from £25.99 per pair
Shorten Lined Curtains from £29.99 per pair
Made to Measure Ask for quotes

Jackets & Coats

Sleeves Shorten Plain from £17.99
Sleeves Shorten with Vent from £19.99
Lengthen Sleeves from £24.99
Shorten Length from £24.99
Take In from £21.99
Take in Shoulders from £24.99

Please note that we require payment in full before any alterations are under taken.

*Additional costs apply for sameday / one hours services

Tailoring or Alteration job not on our list?

Yes! – We can probably help.  This price list is not exhaustive or fixed.  There are many other addtional tailoring and alteration services that we offer.  Far too many to list in fact.  If you have a special request for a service not listed, get in contact on 01905 729435 or 07837 500066. We look forward to hearing from you.

Goldstitch garment alterations

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Whatever you need, the Goldstitch team are ready to provide a prompt and professional tailoring and alteration service.  From a simple repair to a contract for alteration of hundreds of garments, our team treat each job with that expert care and attention that you deserve.